Puppet Error – Could not file class in namespace – [solved]

January 18, 2011

How to Solve the Puppet Error: Could not find class in namespace # Sometimes, when working with Puppet, you may encounter an error message that does not accurately reflect the actual problem. For example, if you see this error: err: Could not retrieve catalog: Could not find class php in namespaces standardbuild at /etc/puppet/manifests/templates.pp:15 on domain.internal.com One of the possible causes could be a missing curly bracket in your code. ...

Choose your titles wisely for better URLs

June 20, 2009

To optimize your URL keywords, always use a hyphen (-) between words in your weblinks. Google recognizes hyphens as spaces, but not underscores. Slashes (/) are also treated as spaces, but they are not recommended for URLs. However, you can use slashes to separate keywords in your texts.