Applicable values for AddItemRequest.Item.Country

Applicable values for AddItemRequest.Item.Country <p> (in/out) Andorra. </p> <p> • AE </p> <p> (in/out) United Arab Emirates. </p> <p> • AF </p> <p> (in/out) Afghanistan. </p> <p> • AG </p> <p> (in/out) Antigua and Barbuda. </p> <p> • AI </p> <p> (in/out) Anguilla. </p> <p> • AL </p> <p> (in/out) Albania. </p> <p> • AM </p> <p> (in/out) Armenia. </p> <p> • AN </p> <p> (in/out) Netherlands Antilles. </p> <p> • AO </p> <p> (in/out) Angola....

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Foreigner regional registration office in Goa yet to start OCI facility despite getting powers – Think India Foundation

Foreigner regional registration office in Goa yet to start OCI facility despite getting powers – Think India Foundation.

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A passage to Goa: a generation and more later…

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Staying Online

Download Link : Staying Online print 1.doc INTRODUCTION Staying Online Back in the ’80s the Bee Gees crooned “Staying’ Alive”. In today’s parlance, this would be best said as “Staying’ Online”! Corny references apart, the fact is that being online and creating a strong web presence are the two most important things for personal and professional gains. What is web presence? Is it just acquiring an e-mail address? Is it putting up a site?...

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Iomega – Customer Service ?

I bought a prestige portable hard drive from IT dot COM from Margao, Goa, India. After a few months the drive stopped functioning properly. I have no idea why. The light keeps blinking; does not detect. Tried on many different systems. I was in Hyderabad when this happened. Believe it or not I couldn’t find an authorized service center in whole of Hyderabad/Secunderabad city. So, when I got back to Goa I gave it back to the above mentioned store....

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Description : ISSANI GNUSL3S LINUX OS provides a rare and huge collection of pre-installed software, including a well-organised graphical user interface and useful recovery tools for system administrators. A full range of development tools, editors, and current libraries is included for users who wish to develop or compile additional software. With this distribution you just boot from the DVD and you have a fully functional Linux OS with open source applications targeted at the molecular biologist as it comes bundled with bioinformatics applications, such as EMBOSS, Primer3, and other software....

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Typo3 Reference Manuals – A Google Chrome Extension

Following is the link to my first google extension. It’s a collections of Typo3 reference manuals taken straight from website. It’s not nearly what I’d call a cool extension, but hey it helps. 🙂 Anyway, this google chrome extension is for : Those who don’t have good internet connection. Link in India. And those who don’t like to go away from the browser to read or search something in the typo3 swx reference manuals....

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