Enterprise Architecture Resources

Agile Architect (run by Andrew Johnston of Questa Computing Ltd.), URL: http://www.agilearchitect.org

Application Development Trends – Enterprise Architect Section https://adtmag.com/articles/list/agile-architect.aspx

Architecture & Governance Magazine, URL:http://www.architectureandgovernance.com/

Business Rules Group, URL: http://www.businessrulesgroup.org

Cutter Consortium (various research centers, e.g. Enterprise Architecture and Business- IT Strategies; most of the content available to clients only), URL: http://www.cutter.com/

Enterprise-Wide IT Architecture (EWITA), URL: http://www.ewita.com

Forrester Research (various research sections, e.g. Enterprise Architecture, CIO, and Business Process & Applications; most of the content available to clients only), URL: http://go.forrester.com/

Institute For Enterprise Architecture Developments, IFEAD (founded by Jaap Schekkerman),

URL: https://www.nascio.org
Resources for Software Architects (from Bredemeyer Consulting),

URL: http://www.bredemeyer.com

Software Engineering Institute (SEI), URL: http://www.sei.cmu.edu

The Open Group Architecture Forum, URL:

The Zachman Institute for Framework Advancement, ZIFA, URL: http://www.zifa.com