Project Proposal Template

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<Company Logo>





<Client Logo>

<Client Name>


<Services Offered / Project name>

<Date: dd-mm-yyyy>












<Company Name>


<Company Address>




Table of Contents

1.    Response to RFP.. 3

2.    Executive Summary.. 3

3.    Company Profile.. 3

4.    Scope of Work.. 3

5.    Architecture.. 3

6.    Assumptions. 3

7.    Work Estimate.. 3

8.    Cost Estimate.. 3

9.    Terms and Conditions. 3

10.      Company’s Experience.. 3

<Followed by document specific sections>

1.    Response to RFP

<Highlight the RFP / Solicitation identification number and a brief introduction to the document>

2.    Executive Summary

<This section should give an overall summary of the proposal and briefly mention the highlights of each section>

3.    Company Profile

provide information about the company>

4.    Scope of Work

<This section should in detail mention the solution or services being offered. This might contain the following elements:

i) Our understanding of the problem

ii) Proposed solution

iii) Modules of the software to be developed

iv) Features of the system >

5.    Architecture

<This section should describe in detail the proposed architecture for the system>


6.    Assumptions

<This section should list the assumptions made while making this proposal>


7.    Work Estimate

<This section should describe the work estimate required for executing the project>

8.    Cost Estimate

<This section should describe the cost estimate for executing the project>

9.    Terms and Conditions

<This section should list the terms and conditions laid down by “Company Name” to execute the project>

10. Company’s Experience

<This section should describe the past experience of “Company Name” in handling similar projects>

Apart from the above sections the proposal might also include project / client specific sections and appendices.