Iomega – Customer Service ?

I bought a prestige portable hard drive from IT dot COM from Margao, Goa, India.

After a few months the drive stopped functioning properly. I have no idea why. The light keeps blinking; does not detect. Tried on many different systems.

I was in Hyderabad when this happened. Believe it or not I couldn’t find an authorized service center in whole of Hyderabad/Secunderabad city.
So, when I got back to Goa I gave it back to the above mentioned store.

2 weeks passed by, I didn’t receive a call or anything. I called em up.
The response I got from then is shocking. They said there is physical damage. He told me that there was feviquick (adhesive) on the drive and that the drive was opened. Therefore, putting it under “Physical damage”.

I don’t see how I can do that!! (open a drive and stick it together)

Also I asked them to give me your customer care number. Guess what ? They gave me a wrong number. This was the number they provided me : 18004259888

And btw where in the world can I get your customer care number for India. It’s nowhere to be found on your website. Neither is live chat that you provide to Americans only. WTH!!

I am rather dissatisfied with the distance you maintain with your customers in India.


Following is the product number : KCAA130310