Description : ISSANI GNUSL3S LINUX OS provides a rare and huge collection of pre-installed software, including a well-organised graphical user interface and useful recovery tools for system administrators. A full range of development tools, editors, and current libraries is included for users who wish to develop or compile additional software. With this distribution you just […]

Typo3 Reference Manuals – A Google Chrome Extension

Following is the link to my first google extension. It’s a collections of Typo3 reference manuals taken straight from website. It’s not nearly what I’d call a cool extension, but hey it helps. 🙂 Anyway, this google chrome extension is for : Those who don’t have good internet connection. Link in India. And those […]

SVN – revision control – slides – pdf

SVN – revision control Download pdf : Coordinating projects ● Problem: How to coordinate and synchronize code  between multiple developers on a project? – Work on the same computer, take turns coding  Nah…  – Send files by e-mail or put them online. Lots of  manual work. – Put files on a […]

Scrum Development Model – steps

Scrum Development Model Download pdf : Required Steps 1) Get your backlog in order 1. Involve stakeholders 2. Create list of product actions 3. Prioritize this list 4. Get list confirmed with product owner 5. Discuss list with team 2) As a team, estimate your Product backlog 1. Provide a high-level guess/estimate 2. Product owner reviews […]

Learning and knowledge is so important of course so try the following:

Learning and knowledge is so important of course so try the following: 1) Get Certified by a recognized professional organization. 2) Write publications, books, ebooks, info articles and yes white papers (a fine suggestion John). Being published adds credibility. 3) Make presentations to universities, schools or nonprofit organizations and video tape it, then edit the […]

Road construction in Goa

Its been 4 days now they are constructing that road that comes after Verna (although not much work is done), on the way to Panjim. And guess what, they still haven’t changed their timings. Road work starts at around 9:30 every morning. If you don’t know 9:00am – 11:00 am and 6:00pm to 7:30 pm […]