Lessons Learned – from a cms developer

Never use the Root directory for your website; “forward” requests to a secondary directory. Giving credit is nice; hackers will love you! “Everything isn’t always BETA.” STABLE works. CMS do not equate to no web-editing or scripting—just less of it! Commercial Hosting Services offer the Fantastico program for installing OS Applications. Why not?

The launch of Mandriva Linux 2010

Scheduled for November 3rd, 2009, the new release of Mandriva Linux 2010 offers exceptional innovations. As simple to use as usual, you will find applications such as: KDE 4.3.1, GNOME 2.28, kernel, Xorg 1.6.4 RC 1 with the last driver for Intel graphical card. Moblin 2 can be tested on the new Mandriva’s distribution.

Basic Software Development Process – Points

Basic Software Development Process: 1. Defining the requirements. 2. Approval. 3. Template designs. 4. Template approval. 5. Coding. 6. Internal release. 7. Testing. 8. Alpha release. 9. Beta release. 10. Project goes live. This is the process I follow.