Arsin Systems — Organization Profile

Organization Profile

Arsin is the leading supplier of automated enterprise software testing solutions delivered by an expert team of software test professionals backed by a service framework that has been field tested and refined for over ten years. Arsin solutions are composed of proven processes and a combination of best-of-breed test tools from commercially available providers and when necessary Arsin’s in-house developed tools and solutions.

Arsin has a deep practice in SAP business process testing and markets a SAP regression test library and various other SAP testing solutions to reduce the time to solution. Located in Silicon Valley, Arsin’s solutions run around the globe at many Fortune 500 companies who are looking for a partner who sees enterprise software testing as a profound discipline in itself.

Corporate Overview

Since 1995, Arsin Corporation has provided innovative enterprise testing and test automation services to Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. Arsin’s test automation services combine our deep expertise in SAP along with back-office applications, middleware, and web applications to provide sophisticated enterprise-level test automation solutions for those situation where software quality cannot be compromised. Arsin experts assist firms with the development of software and infrastructure reliability and testing strategies with a heavy emphasis on formal methodologies and automated processes.

Arsin differentiates itself from other firms by our strict focus on testing, test automation, the depth of our consultants’ practical experience, and our investment in SAP automated regression test libraries used in our work. Together, this adds up to greater value to our clients, faster time to delivering solutions, and lower costs.

Clients include F500 companies in pharmaceutical, financial service, healthcare, technology and other industries with high-quality demands on IT infrastructure or software products.

Above and Beyond With Arsin Corporation
At Arsin Corporation, client service is the anchor of our core values – it’s our conviction that we best serve our client’s interests by carefully listening to their business needs, focusing on their definition of success, and providing expertise aligned with these needs and metrics for success. We have fused the latest testing practices and technologies into high-impact services that significantly reduce brand risk while increasing overall service levels and customer satisfaction. The end result often includes:

  • Accelerated Time-to-Market
  • Enhanced Competitive Advantage
  • Increased Regulatory Compliance
  • Enhanced Quality of Business Services & Processes
  • Increased Financial Success
  • Streamlined Business Processes
  • Improved Operational Productivity
  • Reduced Overhead
  • Stronger Business Relationships


Today’s increasingly integrated, real-time world demands 24/7 reliability. As more businesses interact with their customers, trading partners, employees, and investors via the Internet and electronic trading exchanges, many are discovering that their corporate brand is increasingly associated with the performance and reliability of their IT infrastructure.

Arsin’s Testing Services
Since 1995, Arsin has been providing a wide range of testing services aimed at helping organizations and software technology firms quantify and improve the performance, security and reliability of their systems, networks, products and applications. Today’s complex applications and deployment environments require that firms adopt a holistic approach to application reliability starting with feature, function and transaction-level tests out to security, capacity/performance, load balancing, and fault tolerance validation. Arsin software testing experts bring the knowledge, experience, and judgment required to identify and implement creative solutions to today’s complex testing mandates for:

  • ERP Testing and Implementation Services
  • Performance Testing Services
  • Security Testing Services
  • Custom Application Testing Services


Arsin’s QA Mapper

This multi-user application is the command and control system for creating and maintaining test assets such as test requirements, test cases and test procedures. QA Mapper is composed of three major functional areas:

  1. Test Repository Management
  2. Test Data Management
  3. Test Execution and Reporting

The Test Repository Management feature includes the ability to create, edit and delete test components. These components can originate from the ATLaS Library™ (see Test Accelerator below) or can be built from scratch. Additionally, this Repository permits the creation, editing and deletion of test procedures by linking individual components. The Test Repository Manager provides a consolidated view of the test component configuration and corresponding screens, fields and test data.

The Test Data Management feature of QA Mapper eliminates the laborious creation and maintenance of test data spreadsheets common to “old-world” test automation solutions. It enables the creation of project specific and secure test data sets which can be easily maintained through a web based interface. Additionally, the creation of input test data is accelerated through automatic importing of master data from the system under test.

QA Mapper’sT browser based interface permits multiple users to execute tests. This feature also includes the generation of detailed test execution results and the capturing of data for tracking test automation performance.

Arsin’s ATLaS SAP® Test Accelerator

This pre-built library is designed for testing the SAP ERP Suite of applications. The initial library components are focused on SAP ERP modules covering five major core critical business processes (47 sub-processes) involving 8 different modules. This library is configurable for unique customer implementations without the need for major rework. This is accomplished through meta-data based test component configuration. Additionally, the ATLaS LibraryT includes validation components which are built using the Effecta Validation engine’s built-in intelligence and a knowledge base for advanced validation beyond static data validation. Advanced validation includes business rule based validation and configuration based validation.