Risk Assessment Checklist

Download link : Risk Assessment Checklist Risk Assessment Checklist Project Name   Project Code   Program Manager   Project Manager   1       Engineering Process 1.1      Requirements Item Yes No NA Remarks Stability Are the requirements stable [1] Are the external interfaces changing Completeness Are there requirements you know should be inthe specification but aren’t? (IF […]

Software Development Process

The team’s development process defines who is doing what, when, and how. In the waterfall model, software activities proceed through a sequence of steps, with each step based on the activities of the previous step. The spiral model begins with a series of risk-driven prototypes, followed by a structured waterfall-like process. The iterative approach, a […]

The “Yes, But” Syndrome

One of the most frustrating, pervasive, and seemingly downright sinister problems in all of application development is the “Yes, But” syndrome, being the observation of the users’ reaction to every piece of software I have ever developed. For whatever reason, I always observe two immediate, distinct, and separate reactions when the users see the system […]

Basic Software Development Process – Points

Basic Software Development Process: 1. Defining the requirements. 2. Approval. 3. Template designs. 4. Template approval. 5. Coding. 6. Internal release. 7. Testing. 8. Alpha release. 9. Beta release. 10. Project goes live. This is the process I follow.