OTC Flow

Download Link : OTC Flow OTC Flow SALES ORDER Company Code: 4700 Sales Document type: ZOR Sales Area: 4700/10/10 Screen Shot 1: Click Enter Step 2: Header Level: Enter Sold to party: 1000991 Enter Ship to party: 1000991 Enter PO Number: Test Enter Payment term: 0001 Item Level: EnterMaterialsinItemLevel:1000309 Enter order Qty: 1 Enter Plant: 4702 […]

Order To Cash (OTC)

Download Link : order to cash Order To Cash (OTC) Order to cash normally refers to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) process in which taking customer sales (direct from the customer & retail) orders via different sales channels, such as email, internet, sales person, fax or by some other means like EDI, and then fulfilling […]