Staying Online

Download Link : Staying Online print 1.doc INTRODUCTION Staying Online Back in the ’80s the Bee Gees crooned “Staying’ Alive”. In today’s parlance, this would be best said as “Staying’ Online”! Corny references apart, the fact is that being online and creating a strong web presence are the two most important things for personal and professional […]

Ajax Tabbed Google Search – A Typo3 Extension

Following is the link to my first typo3 extension. It’s a front end plugin used to display a modified google search engine.  The search engine is ajax based and has tabs feature. There is absolutely no page loading. Download Link :   The project is setup of typo3 forge. Following is the link to svn repository. […]

Typo3 Reference Manuals – A Google Chrome Extension

Following is the link to my first google extension. It’s a collections of Typo3 reference manuals taken straight from website. It’s not nearly what I’d call a cool extension, but hey it helps. 🙂 Anyway, this google chrome extension is for : Those who don’t have good internet connection. Link in India. And those […]