About Me

I am Shafiq from Goa, and unsurprisingly miss the sunny beaches of my home! I began studying computer science in the cultural city of Hyderabad, eventually decided to try pastures anew and headed to London for work. When not at work you can find me watching anime or relaxing to music.

If you’re reading these lines, then one of the following sentences must be true:

You’re me.
You’re one of my friends.
You’re drunk.
Your personal monkey took the control of your PC.
You’re surfing the wrong website.

This website is primarily supposed to be an online presence for me but it also acts as a notebook, journal, experimental space and general dumping ground for designs, code, commentary and ideas.

Social, techy, work, whatever – probably of interest to a very, very small group of people. And possibly not even them.

Do you find a match between our interests?

Are you a close friend?  A colleague? An acquaintance? A fellow blogger? A total stranger? Whoever you are & whatever it is that brought you here, it won’t hurt to let me know. I’m sure we all exist to fight obscurity. Slip not into oblivion once you stumble at my page, do leave a trace.

All thoughts and opinions here are my own and do not reflect those of my employer or any of my work colleagues as far as I am aware.

P.S. I have stopped blogging on other sites of mine. This is the official one.